Company Profile

Our Mission

Improving Lives Through Financial Solutions

Our Strategy

BlackRidge Financial is a growth-oriented, commercial banking organization focused on:

  • Custom banking solutions for our clients
  • A positive, rewarding place to work for our employees
  • Building a strong and profitably growing organization that provides an attractive return for our shareholders.

To accomplish this, we will leverage our resources to create competitive entrance in key markets through selective acquisition, de novo activity, or branching. Additionally, we will provide our banks with the responsibility to manage autonomously as they seek to optimize our performance in each market.

Our History

In 2004 five former executives from Community First Bankshares set out to create a new kind of community banking organization. One that was strong, financially stable, and thrived on providing outstanding banking products backed by exceptional customer service.

They created BlackRidge Financial, a privately owned bank holding company, and began looking to acquire banks that shared their passion for banking with a hometown flavor. Their search led them to the Brainerd Lakes Area of Minnesota where, in March 2006, they acquired Lakewood Bank, N.A., which traces its roots back to 1963 and has offices in Baxter, Nisswa and Crosslake, Minn.

Later that year, BlackRidge Financial expanded further into Minnesota by acquiring First State Bank of Alexandria, with offices in Alexandria, Carlos and Miltona, Minn.

Eager to take this unique brand of community banking to larger metropolitan areas, the company opened a new location in Fargo, N.D., in April 2007, followed by another in Bismarck, N.D., in January 2008.

In October 2011, BlackRidge Financial merged its three bank charters into one, and the Lakewood Bank and First State Bank of Alexandria locations officially adopted the BlackRidgeBANK name.

In July 2013, BlackRidge Financial opened a new location in West Fargo, N.D.

Today, BlackRidgeBANK has 11 branches in Minnesota and North Dakota and total assets of more than $350 million. In addition to sharing a common name, all BlackRidgeBANK locations share a commitment to providing outstanding banking products backed by hometown values and friendly customer service.

Our Timeline

November 2004
BlackRidge Financial is formed by five founding partners
March 2005
BlackRidge Financial completes common stock offering
March 2006
BlackRidge Financial acquires Lakewood Bank, N.A. with offices in Baxter, Nisswa and Cross Lake, Minnesota
October 2006
BlackRidge Financial acquires First State Bank of Alexandria with offices in Alexandria, Carlos and Miltona
April 2007
BlackRidge Financial opens BlackRidgeBANK Fargo
January 2008
BlackRidge Financial opens BlackRidgeBANK Bismarck
October 2011
BlackRidge Financial merges affiliate bank charters: Lakewood Bank and First State Bank of Alexandria are now BlackRidgeBANK
July 2013
BlackRidge Financial opens BlackRidgeBANK West Fargo